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Aromatherapy Moon Sleep Stones for Children

Aromatherapy Moon Sleep Stones for Children

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Magic Moon Sleep Stones

Natural volcanic lava rock infused for many days in the very best pure essential oils of organic British lavender and chamomile - free bedtime story inside!

Moon stones (natural volcanic rock) are responsibly collected from the moon (Mount Etna) and infused for many days in the very best organic oils of British lavender and chamomile, both so well-known for their therapeutic and healing qualities. Plus, we’ve made them sparkle by adding a sprinkle of stardust and a dash of natural moon colouring to give them a cool blue space colour!


Our organic essential oils of lavender & chamomile, sourced from the heart of England, gently fragrance your little one's room with their gorgeous sleep-enhancing aromas; this is possibly the most beautiful solution available to those that want to find a more holistic approach to their child's bedtime. 


How To Use

Simply open the lid of the jar thirty minutes/one hour before bedtime to allow the gorgeous sleep-enhancing aromas of soft lavender and chamomile to gently fragrance the room.


Why not use this time to read a bedtime story? We collaborated with a children's author to create a bedtime story about our moon stones to make them even more magical. You can find your copy neatly tucked inside your jar.


Then as you say goodnight to your little one and turn out the light, replace the lid of the jar  and let the power of aromatherapy work its magic.


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES - this product is 100% natural and suitable for all ages, however it should be kept out of reach of children and pets.


How Long Does The Fragrance Last?

The stones come already infused with the beautiful blend of soft Lavender & Camomile that will stay fragrant for up to 3 months. But don't worry, you can top-up the fragrance with our oil to keep the aroma levels at their most effective. Just add 1-3 capfuls every few weeks.


What's Included?

One jar of magic moon sleep stones: natural volcanic rock (responsibly collected from Mount Etna) infused for many days in the very best organic oils of British lavender and chamomile contained within a resealable glass jar with a free bedtime story.


Top -up oil is not included. 




100% Natural


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